3 Home Improvement Projects to Do in your New Home

3 Home Improvement Projects to Do in your New Home

Have you and your family just purchased a new home in the North Myrtle Beach area? If you have, then we need to tell you about three home improvement projects you can do in your new home. Buying a home is a proud moment, but there may be a few things that you may want to change to make it your style. Let’s look below at what those three home improvement projects you can do to make the home your own.

Fresh Coat of Paint

3 Home Improvement Projects to Do in your New Home

When you purchase a home, most times, the previous owner has painted the house a neutral color. After you close on your home and have moved in, you may want to change the color of the rooms. Giving the walls and trim a little upgrade can make your house into your home. Some of this year’s favorite colors are light off-whites, grey’s, and mint colors. No matter what color the walls, it will show your style and your love for your new home in the area.

Adding New Ceiling Fans

Living in the south, the one thing that many homeowners can’t do without are ceiling fans. If you purchased an older home, the ceiling fans might be out of date looking. Head to the home improvement store and pick out new ones for each room in the house. Let the kids pick out their own to match their style. If you have a screened-in porch and you’re looking to enjoy it more this summer, add a fan or two will make a world of difference.

Repurpose Furniture

3 Home Improvement Projects to Do in your New Home

Another fun thing that you can do with your home is to repurpose furniture or repainting them. A few ways that you may be able to repurpose furniture is making a TV Console from an old dresser. You can do this by taking a few drawers out, adding shelving to replace the drawers, and repainting it. If you’re looking to repaint some furniture, we can tell you that chalk paint is a great way to go. They have many colors that will work with any kind of décor, and don’t forget to add a little protectant overtop of the paint. Let the kids pick out a color they want their furniture to be and add a little flair of their own to their rooms.

There are many other fun projects that you can do in your new home, but we wanted to share these with you. If you are still hunting for the perfect North Myrtle Beach home, we at North Beach Realty can help you. We look forward to seeing you and helping you find your dream home in the area!

Plant a Garden this Summer in your New Backyard

Did you and your family just purchase a new home in the North Myrtle Beach area and are looking to grow fresh fruits and vegetables? We at North Beach Realty can assist you in helping you find which vegetables or fruits may work well in your garden. We understand that owning a new home can be a little daunting at times, but planting a garden in your backyard can give you and your family something to do together.

What Do You Want to Plant?

Plant a Garden this Summer in your New Backyard

When it comes to planting a new garden, it may be a little challenging to figure out what to plant. For many locals, you may find them growing things in their backyard like tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, zucchini, squash, and green beans. But if you are looking for something a little more specific, do a little research in to see what the best for the area is. This way, you can make a quick plan on what you’d like to plant in your first garden at your home.

Pick a Spot in your Backyard

Picking a spot in your backyard is a vital task for any homeowner, whether they live in the North Myrtle Beach area or not. You will want to find a spot that gets at least 6-8 hours of full sun each day. Another thing that you can do is check out the local garden center and see what each vegetable or fruit needs as far as shade or full sunlight. Making sure that you choose the right place in your backyard will help you know what plants work best for you.

Do You Want Raised Beds or Use the Soil?

After you have picked a spot for your garden in your backyard, it will soon be time to make another decision. This time you will be deciding if you want to dig up your yard or if you want to use raised beds. If you choose to build a raised bed, then this is the easier way to go. For many new homeowners, they don’t want to dedicate a particular part of their yard just for a garden, so they choose the raised beds. The good thing about using the raised beds is it can be a lot more back-friendly for those who don’t want to bend over to tend to their garden. If you choose to use the soil, then you will be continuing to turn down to care for it, weed, and get the ground ready. No matter what decision you make, it will be an excellent garden for your family!

The final step to planting a garden in your new backyard is to plant it and water it. For many of the fruits and vegetables, you will find that late spring is the best time to plant. But we would suggest that you check each plant to make sure it is the right time. If you don’t have a backyard that you can grow a garden, now is the time to start looking. We at North Beach Realty look forward to helping you and your family find yours forever home in North Myrtle Beach!

3 Ways to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

3 Ways to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

Did you recently move into your new home in North Myrtle Beach and are looking for ways to decorate your guest room? If the answer is yes, then you will want to continue to read this post as we know of 6 ways that you can decorate your guest room. Moving into a new home can be stressful and we understand that decorating can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s look below at 3 ways that you can decorate your guest bedroom in your new North Myrtle Beach home.

Make it Relaxing & Cozy

3 Ways to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

Think about when you stay in a hotel or resort, what is the first thing that you check to see how relaxing the bed is. Create a room where your guests will not want to leave to go back to reality because the room is relaxing and cozy. Add several throw pillows onto the bed and adding a throw onto the end of the bed can create a welcoming and cozy room. Get a rocking chair or an armchair where you can have a knit blanket over the top of it. Be sure to leave your guests with plenty of clean towels for their stay.

Clutter Free

When you think about going to another person’s home, you think about how clean it is and clutter free. That is one of the main things that you will want to make sure you have your guest room. Having family or friends stay with you is always a treat but making sure that the room they are staying in is inviting. If you think that the room is a little small, then why not add some built-ins on each side of the bed. This is a great way to allow your guests to have their own nightstands, plus you can have books for your guests to read on the built-ins. This is another way to keep the room clutter free by having a space to put the books and knick-knacks for show.

Add Fresh Flowers

3 Ways to Decorate Your Guest Bedroom

Have you ever been to someone else’s home where the room had a nice light fragrance in it? Most likely they have left you some beautiful fresh flowers to enjoy and help freshen up the room. Adding fresh flowers to your guest room can give the appeal to your guests to feel more at home. Depending on the time of year that you have guests coming to stay with you, will depend on what kind of flowers you will leave in the room for them. For the spring, you can leave some hydrangeas or some tulips. Either way, adding this little touch into their room will allow your guests to relax more at night and during their stay.

While there are many other ways that you can decorate your guest bedroom, these are the few we wanted to share with you. If you still haven’t found your next home in the North Myrtle Beach area, allow us at North Beach Realty to help you. We have agents who can assist you in finding your dream home.

Decorate your Home for Fall on a Budget

Decorate your Home for Fall on a Budget

Have you just moved into your home within the past 9 months and are looking to decorate your home on a budget. We at North Beach Realty can help you with some ideas for the fall in your home. Living in South Carolina it can sometimes be hard to feel like it’s fall, so why not bring the season inside your home. Let’s look below at a few tips on how to decorate your home for the fall on a budget.

Pick a Neutral Color

Decorate your Home for Fall on a Budget

For many families who live here on the coast, they want their home to be “beachy”. But why not bring a little fall or farmhouse decorations into your home this fall? When you go to the local craft store or any store, you want to choose a neutral color. Something that will go with anything that you may have in your home such as off-white, rust, orange or gold colors. If you choose an off-white color or light green, you may be able to use them in your home year-round. Let your imagination run wild when you go to the store. There are a few stores that already have their fall decorations on a good sale, so check them out first.


Having a home can be a great thing, but when you’re looking to stay on a budget it can be difficult. Look around your home or a local thrift store for a few things that you can repurpose. Repaint a chair or an old milk can and add some fall flowers. Check out your parents homes to see if there is something they don’t need and repurpose them to fit in your home decor. Not only will this save you money but it will allow you to be a little more creative.

Leave it up to Nature

Decorate your Home for Fall on a Budget

For many homeowners, they want to bring the outside inside but aren’t sure how to do it. Head to a local orchard or a farmer’s market where you can purchase different fall elements on a budget. Farmer’s markets may be a little easier on the budget for any homeowner but just check around town. Another great place to look is outside your home. Bring in pinecones, leaves or other things to help spruce up your home.

There are so many possibilities that you can do to decorate your home this fall on a budget. These are the few that we wanted to share with you. If you haven’t found your home yet in the North Myrtle Beach area, we can help you. Allow one of our amazing agents to help you and your family find your forever home today!

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks for your Home in North Myrtle Beach

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks for your Home in North Myrtle Beach

Now that spring has arrived on the coast of South Carolina, it’s time for a little spring cleaning. As homeowners, there will always be things to do around your property during certain times of the year. Spring time is the best for many different tasks as you can get a head start for the summer months. If you are selling your home this summer, then doing these things this spring is essential to complete these maintenance tasks. Let’s look below at what our top 5 spring cleaning tasks you can do around your home.

Cleaning the Gutters

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks for your Home in North Myrtle Beach

During the course of the winter months, you may notice that your gutters on your home are blocked with debris. While it may not be a favorite task to do as a homeowner, it can help you save money in the long run. A good cleaning of the gutters will help you in the long run so that there is no damage to your roof. Having a good runoff away from your home will help keep the pooling of water from forming at the base of your home. This can be a danger when it freezes or can even cause extensive damage to the foundation of your home as it sits. Just grab a ladder, gloves and a water hose to clean up the gutters.

Clean the Dryer Vents

This is a task that many homeowners forget to do anytime of the year but cleaning your dryer vents can help prevent a fire. Having dirty dryer vents can cause fires and this is something that you don’t want to happen. Taking a look at the vents on both the dryer and where it leaves your home is going to be the key. This task will take less than a few minutes to make sure that the vents are clean and not dirty to help prevent a fire later down the road.

Pressure Wash the Siding

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks for your Home in North Myrtle Beach

November into early December is when you will stop mowing your lawn, but it’s also time to put the mower up for the season. Now that it’s spring time, it’s a good idea to make sure that you have your mower ready for the season. Check the spark plugs and cables and make sure that the blades are ready to cut the grass for the season. This can allow for a more evenly cut lawn without missing patches throughout the yard or having to go over the same spot a few times. It will also help save you money by getting the mower ready now rather than having to have it fixed later during the summer months.

Lawn Gear Ready

The fall and winter months can be a little rough on your home’s siding and can take a beating. From the rain and cold weather, it can cause for a few things to collect on the side of your home such as dirt, dust and algae. This can make your home look dirty and unattractive and can increase the wear on the siding when it’s not cleaned for months or even years. This can be an easy clean up with a little soap, brush and water hose to get it cleaned up. Or to make things a little simpler than renting or purchasing a pressure washer can be a better investment for years to come.

Clean & Re-Stain the Deck

Top 5 Spring Cleaning Tasks for your Home in North Myrtle Beach

Part of a good spring cleaning of your home would be to clean the deck of the dirt, dust and grime and re-stain it. This can help give your deck a new look by pressure washing the deck and can help make the wood last longer. Re-staining your deck will also help protect against the rain, sun and other elements outdoors. If you have a screened in porch, then this can also help preserve the wood and last longer without having to replace pieces of the deck later down the road. There are so many different color stains or even sealants that you can choose from, so just head to the hardware store and choose the one you like.

While there are many other things you can do to clean during this time of the year, we felt these are the best ones to tell you about. If you are thinking of placing your home for sale, we would love to help you and your family with the process. If you are in the search for a new home in the North Myrtle Beach area, we’d love to help you in that important search. We look forward to helping you and your family find the next best home this year!

Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal Before You List Your Home

Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal Before You List Your Home

Are you thinking of putting your home on the market this spring? It should not come as a surprise that before you list your home that you need to make it shine. Prospective buyers will be coming through your home peeking in every nook and cranny to see what kind of space your home has. But while many homeowners focus on the inside, you will want to freshen up the outside of your home. The right curb appeal when you place your home on the market can help bring in many prospective buyers. We at North Beach Realty have come up with a few inexpensive steps to help you freshen up the curb appeal of your home before you list it.

Clean the Outside of the Home

Whenever you have a home for sale on the market, you want to make sure that it has been cleaned. For many potential home buyers, they want to see your home sparkle as bright as it can be and making sure your driveway is clean is a start. Over the years your driveway can become dirty from dirt, from grass clippings and more. While repaving may seem like a good option for a few people, it’s not necessary for most. Having someone come out and cleaning your driveway can sometimes be a little costly, but these days you can purchase one for less than $200. You can use the pressure washer to clean the siding on your home as well so this can be a good investment for your current home and your future home.

Freshen Up the Landscaping

Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal Before You List Your Home

While many potential buyers don’t care about what the landscaping looks like, to many it does. If you haven’t tidied up the front beds or don’t have any in front of your home, it’s a must do. It can get pretty costly to redo the landscaping, but we suggest only do a few things to help with the curb appeal. While some front yards may need more than $200 worth of work done, you can get it done for less than that price. We suggest that you do the work yourself or ask a few friends to help, put down some fresh mulch and add some easy-to-care-for plants. If you aren’t too sure which plants would work best for the area, we can suggest a few. Early Wonder Camellia, Crape myrtles, Hydrangea and Beach Ball Pittosporum are beautiful plants and work well in the climate in the south.

Front Porch Sittin’

Another wonderful way that you can add to your curb appeal is by adding a few easy things to your front porch. Many potential homeowners are looking for a front porch to sit on year-round so having an inviting one will help. If your front porch is a little on the small side, have no worries because you can add a few small things to help make it seem larger. Adding a few small planters by the front door or on the steps can help add some color to the house. Maybe changing out the light fixtures can help add a new look to your home as well. Adding a few additional things such as a small bench or a few rocking chairs to it will make the front porch inviting and welcoming to all potential buyers. Add a new welcome mat and an elegant wreath to the front door area to help make it cheerier and inviting.

New Look for the Front Door

Freshen Up Your Curb Appeal Before You List Your Home

This is one step that many homeowners overlook when they freshen up their curb appeal, the front door. Adding a fresh coat of paint to yours is not only a cheap and easy trick, but it can transform the way your home looks. Buyers will often times wait outside of the home for a few minutes while their agent is getting the keys out of the lockbox, so they have time to look at the front door. We suggest putting on a coat of paint that will help warm up the home and entry way but will also add to the curb appeal of your home. You can never go wrong with a classic color such as red, black, gray or even a coastal color such as light green or light blue.

While there are many other ways that you can help freshen up the curb appeal to your home, these are just a few that we thought you’d like. Seeing the results after you have completed the above can help you be able to add more curb appeal to your beautiful home for the new homeowners. If you are still searching for a new home in the North Myrtle Beach area, please contact us today! We hope that you and your family will be able to sell your home and find a new home in the area.

Must Have Tools for your Home

Must Have Tools for your Home

Owning your home can be an adventure in itself, but when something breaks you want to be able to fix it on your own, rather than hiring someone else. So, having your own tools is a must when you become a homeowner and we know which ones you must have. Luckily, you don’t need to have an arsenal of tools to handle most home maintenance fixes. We at North Beach Realty know what you need to have to keep your home in order especially when you’re a new homeowner.

Drill and Drill Bits

Must Have Tools for your Home

Having a multipurpose drill can be handy with a multiple of tasks around the house. From hanging up curtain rods to building a project in the garage, it’s nice to have a battery powered drill in the house. And when it comes to having drill bits in the house, we know that this is important for fixing things that may need some reinforcement. Getting a quality drill and drill bits can be found at just about any hardware store and sometimes you may find a good deal on one.

Crescent Wrench – Adjustable

While many others may suggest you have a wrench set, we don’t think you need to. The reason being is getting an adjustable crescent wrench will be just perfect. If you’d like to have a few that is better than spending a lot of money on a set that you won’t use often. The adjustable we like because you can adjust it to the size of the nuts or bolts that you will be working with in your home repairs. Some self-adjusting wrenches are self-ratcheting so that means that you won’t have to remove them from the bolt to tighten it.


Must Have Tools for your Home

Having more than one hammer in your home is ideal for every homeowner. You might want to get a heavyweight one that can handle larger nails and a lightweight one for smaller projects. For most projects just, a basic hammer with the claw on the back is what you will need. We have found that having one inside the house and one in the garage is all you should need to complete any project. From hanging pictures to working on a new project for the house, having the right hammer is all you need in your home.


Many have seen others use a hacksaw in the movies to cut down trees in the forest but having them in your house is a good thing too. They are a good cutting tool that you can use that is larger than a utility knife and you can get one for less than $20 at the hardware store. For some home projects that are good to have around in case you want to cut pipes (plastic or metal), tubing, wood, brackets and bolts. It’s a great tool to have around for those home projects you may want to do.

Variety of Hardware

Must Have Tools for your Home

Keeping a good selection of general purpose nails and screws on hand is what you want in your home. You can get a small organizer to store them into in your garage or workshop. You can always have a selection on hand so that when you are working on that specific project, you know right where to head to for it. Plus, if it’s clear then you can see if you’re running low and need to get more at the store. Another thing to have in your toolbox is a level and a tape measure. These can help you when it comes to hanging a shelf or even a picture onto your walls.

Utility Knife

Utility knives are always good to have throughout the home but away from children. They can be used for all sort of things such as opening boxes, making precision cuts, scoring, cutting tops off glue bottles and more. Many homeowners like to keep a small supply of them and they aren’t too expensive to replace either. But if you happen to get a good quality one, then you can just purchase replacement blades and hang onto the good ones.

Step Stool & Ladder

Must Have Tools for your Home

As a homeowner you want to get a sturdy step stool that you can keep inside of your home. We know that standing on a chair can be just as simple, but what if that chair isn’t high enough to reach the light in the kitchen or the bedroom closet. Having a step stool will not only help you reach those lightbulbs or cobwebs in the corners but will also keep you safe as well. Getting a good extension ladder is ideal for any outdoor project you may have. From cleaning out the gutters to putting lights up during the holidays, having one in your home is just what you need.


Yes, you may have your drill to assist you in this, but sometimes a drill may not be needed for a project. So, having a set of screwdrivers is perfect for your toolbox and home. There are many different types of screwdrivers so make sure you have a Phillips, slotted or one that has interchangeable heads will do. No matter how big or small the project is, having a good quality screwdriver is necessary in any home.

While there are many other tools that keeping in your home is a great thing for handy projects for around the home, these are the ones we thought would help you get a good start on things. Having a few other items around the home such as safety gloves and eye projection is a must in any home! If you aren’t a homeowner yet, but have been thinking of purchasing a home, please allow us at North Beach Realty to assist you. We look forward to helping you find your next dream home in North Myrtle Beach!

How to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving

How to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving

For many families, Thanksgiving is the official start of the holiday season and it will be here before you know it. Next week to be exact and if you haven’t started to prepare your home for the day then allow us to help you. We at North Beach Realty know that the holidays can stress many homeowners out, but let this year be a little different. We have several tips on how to prepare your home for Thanksgiving this year and we hope that it will allow for a stress-free day with friends and family.

Plan Ahead

How to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving

Planning ahead is the best way to get the holiday started. If you know how many people are coming to dinner, start making a shopping list and make sure you have enough plates and silverware. If you know what you are going to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner, make a menu so that if you need to call in reinforcements they know what to do. Go ahead and shop for your ingredients for Thanksgiving dinner and clean out the fridge and freezer. You want to make sure you have the space for that turkey. Being prepared can not only help you be organized for the day but also can make for a stress-free day.

Make Room in the Closet

Even though you may live in North Myrtle Beach, it doesn’t mean that your guests may not need a small jacket. If you have a coat closet in your foyer, then plan ahead and clear out any extra things and place in bedroom closets or get rid of it. Hang one coat or jacket up in the closet and then leave a hanger one for each person coming to Thanksgiving dinner. You don’t want to show your guests the mess that may lie in that closet, so clean it out this weekend.

Clean Your Home

We all know that cleaning your home can sometimes be the most stressful thing before having guests over for the holidays. You want to make sure that the home is perfect for anyone who visits, but sometimes it’s not about the house being perfect. Enlist some help in cleaning the house such as your kids or if they aren’t around, asking your spouse to pitch in. We know that sometimes just making sure that your home is picked up, vacuumed and dusted is what it’s all about. Decorate the home a bit with some fall like decorations such as fresh flowers in a vase, maybe a scented candle or just having a blanket folded neatly over your couch can help make the guests feel cozy.

Get the Guest Room Ready

How to Prepare Your Home for Thanksgiving

If you have family that happens to be staying with you for a few nights, you want to make sure the Guest Room is ready to go. It’s always a good idea to make sure that the space that they will be staying in is clean and welcoming. Make sure you have clean linens on the bed, vacuum the room and get rid of those dust bunnies. If you are open to having them connect to your wi-fi, then have a small card on the nightstand with the information. Make this room or rooms inviting for them to come stay with you more often throughout the year. Having family or friends around during the holidays just makes it more special.

While there are many other things that you can do to prepare your home for Thanksgiving, these are just a few we thought would help. If you happen to be searching for a home in the North Myrtle Beach area for you to call your own this year, please let us at North Beach Realty help you out. We hope that you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving this year.

5 Reasons Why Owning a Home is Amazing

5 Reasons Why Owning a Home is Amazing

While many have thought of renting a home for their family, we at North Beach Realty can tell you 5 reasons why owning a home is amazing! From putting your own personalization into your living spaces to turning it for a profit when you sell it. There are many reasons why many first-time home buyers can’t wait to find a house and make it into their home. Look below at our top 5 reasons why you must own your own home!

Your House, Your Rules

5 Reasons Why Owning a Home is Amazing

Unlike when you are renting a home or apartment, you can make your own rules for your own home. When you rent a home, you are unable to do what you want to the house such as changing the wall color to hosting parties if you want to. When you own your home, you can plant a big garden, fence in the backyard or even adopt a few pets. There is no one telling you otherwise of what you can and can’t do to your home. You are in complete control of what happens at your home!

Take Advantage of Those Tax Deductions

When owning your home, you can say it’s like an investment. While that doesn’t mean that you can reap the financial rewards up front, you can still take advantage of the homes benefits later on. Did you know that the IRS allows homeowners to deduct their mortgage interest, property taxes and capital gains each year from their taxes? That does seem to help all those who have homes and are wanting to purchase a home. You definitely can’t do that when you rent a house or apartment. Instead the actual homeowners get to reap the rewards while you live in their home. Owning your own home mean that instead of paying rent to someone else, you can reap the rewards year after year in your home.

Customize the Space

5 Reasons Why Owning a Home is Amazing

Another great reason of why owning a home is amazing is you can customize it to make it your own. If you’d like to set up the bonus room as a giant home theater with the high-tech equipment, you can. Whether you’d like to paint the living room a bright color, or want to redo the kitchen, it’s totally up to you. Owning your own home gives you the freedom to do just about anything you want to it. Plus, if you want to add some other high-tech home gadgets to it like a digital thermometer or want to install a home security system, there is not one stopping you. Have fun with customizing it to the way you want your home to look like.

Settle Down

When you purchase a home, that means that you can settle down and put down some roots in the area. Many new couples or families are always looking to settle down and purchasing a home is the way to do it. Find a neighborhood that you love, that you would like to see your kids grow up in. Finding the right neighborhood is just what every family long for and we can assist you in finding the right one that fits your family’s needs. We know where all the best family neighborhoods are if you are wanting to be in a great community.

Earn Money Back Once You Sell

5 Reasons Why Owning a Home is Amazing

It is a known fact that the longer you live in your home, the more equity you will have. And finding a home in a budding neighborhood today can really help with your homes appreciation. Doing home projects will also help building equity in your home, so if you see that project on Pinterest and say, I can do that, do it. Earning money back after your initial investment in your home can go a long way. When it is the right time to sell your home, we would be more than happy to help you sell it.

Homeownership can be a very rewarding experience especially if you have the right tools, resources and realtor. If you are considering in purchasing your first home, please give us a call and let’s talk about what your plans are. We hope that we at North Beach Realty can help you and your family find your first home before the holiday season!