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4 Cleaning Hacks to Try this Spring

4 Cleaning Hacks to Try this Spring

It’s hard to believe that spring has arrived, and now is the perfect time to start thinking about doing a little deep cleaning to your home. No matter how hard we want to believe that our homes could never be that dirty but it’s not always about cleaning. It’s about organizing it and more. We at North Beach Realty want to share four cleaning hacks that you can try out this spring in your home below.

Use White Vinegar to Deep Clean the Showerhead

4 Cleaning Hacks to Try this Spring

If you prefer to use an all-natural cleaner in your bathroom, we have the perfect solution for you. Fill a plastic Ziplock bag with white distilled vinegar and secure it over the showerhead with a rubber band and let it sit overnight. The next morning run the shower after removing the vinegar, and you will find that it may spray a little better.

Banish Water Rings with a Hair Dryer or Iron

Did you or someone you know to place a glass full of drink onto a wood table and they have left the water rings? If so, then we have the perfect hack for you to get rid of them. Take the hairdryer on high heat and blow the heat onto the water spots. Within a few minutes, you may find that they are disappearing. If that doesn’t work, then you can take an iron and place a washcloth of a hand towel on top of the water spots and continue to do so until they are gone.

Use a Lemon to Remove Water Stain from your Faucets

4 Cleaning Hacks to Try this Spring

Do you have those hard water stains on your faucets in your home, and not sure how to get rid of them? We know the struggle, and we have the perfect solution for you. Be sure to get a lemon or two when you head to the grocery store before trying this out. Take half of a lemon and rub it onto the faucet you’re trying to clean. And voila, the stains are gone!

Dusting Made Easy

If you’re like most of the adults out there, dusting the home has to be the one chore we all dislike. For many times when we might dust, it’s like the dust will automatically find another item in your home to make their new best friend. But did you know that if you take fabric softener sheets that they are a great way to clean your electronics, blinds, and more? Yes, that’s a much easier way to dust your home, and it’s a lot cheaper too.

While there are many other ways that you can deep clean your home this spring, these are the few we wanted to share with you. If you are still trying to find your dream home located on the Grand Strand, allow us with North Beach Realty to help you!