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3 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for Fall

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It’s hard to believe that fall will be here before we know it, and now is the time to start getting ready. If only we could just decorate our home to get ready for fall, but there is much more to do to get your home prepared as a homeowner. We at North Beach Realty want to share with you all a few things that are a must. Let’s look below at our top 3 ways on how you can get your home ready for fall.

Clean the Gutters

Man cleaning the gutter from autumn leaves

Owning a home at the beach can be a great thing but making sure that all the gutters are free of debris can be overwhelming. If your home happens to have any trees around it, then you may not have noticed that your gutters are not draining correctly. If they are not, then you’ll not only have a flooded interior but also some damage to the roof as well. Be sure to clean out all the debris and leaves and check for any clogs before winter. This, in the long run, can help save you money as there will be no damage to your home.

Fertilize your Yard

Fertilizer for a lawn is added to a spreader, man pouring from orange bucket into the spreader with a handle and wheels

Another way that you can get your home ready is by getting your yard fertilized. Even if your yard looks amazing now, you’ll want to keep it looking that way year-round. Applying fertilizer in the early part of September to the first few weeks of October is the best time. Head to a local hardware store and pick up the right fertilizer for your yard. While your grass may look like it’s not growing and it might seem dead, applying fertilizer will allow for no extra damage to be done. By the time spring rolls around, your lawn should be back to its beauty without spending extra money on it.

Organize your Garage

Hand tools and many different items of a handyman in a garage

If your home has a garage and you have kids, your garage may seem like a hot mess right now. But one of the ways that you can get ready for the fall and the cooler months is organizing it. Head to the store and pick up a few boxes to store the items you won’t use in the fall or winter. Let the kids join in as they probably helped make the mess and spend the afternoon cleaning it together. Think of the fun memories you’ll make, and you might find that one thing you thought was long gone.

There are many other ways to get your home ready for fall, but we wanted to share these with you. If you haven’t found your next dream home located here on the Grand Strand, give us a call today. We hope that these few things will help get your family and home ready for the cooler months!

Reasons Why You Should Look for Your Vacation Home this Fall

Reasons Why You Should Look for Your Vacation Home this Fall

Do you and your family love to visit North Myrtle Beach during the fall, but you’d love to have a place of your own? Fall is a great time of the year to start house hunting for your new vacation home. Finding the perfect home that will meet your family’s needs is one of the top reasons that we at North Beach Realty focuses on. Let’s look below at what the reasons are of why you should look for your vacation home this fall on the Grand Strand.


Reasons Why You Should Look for Your Vacation Home this Fall

Did you know that during the fall months the market is better for anyone who is looking to purchase a vacation home? The reason that it is a better market is because during the warmer months there is more competition out there. The cooler months many of the sellers are looking to find the best buyer for their home and you as the homebuyer will have a better chance of getting the home without being outbid. This in return will mean you will be about to find the perfect vacation home in the area for a great deal.

Decorating Your Home

Another great reason as of why you should look for your vacation home this fall is the sales. We understand that furnishing a vacation home ca be a little pricey especially if you purchase it for its full price. But the good news is during the fall months a lot of home furnishings and other stores put their “summer” items on sale. What a better way to furnish your new home than with the items you were eying during the summer but for half the price. This can not only help you get some really nice things but can help you stay on budget too!

Weather is Perfect

Reasons Why You Should Look for Your Vacation Home this Fall

Buying a home whether it’s a vacation home or your permanent home, looking at homes when the weather is nicer is a plus. Who wants to be hunting for homes during the dead heat of the summer when you could be searching for homes during the fall? Even though it can still be a little warm in the North Myrtle Beach area during the fall months, the humidity has lowered some. This can make not only searching for the home a little easier but can also make moving into one feel even better. We promise you that you won’t want to leave your vacation home to go back to real life after you experience the fall weather here.

While there are many other reasons as of why you should look for your vacation home this fall in North Myrtle beach, we thought you’d like these instead. If you still haven’t found your next vacation home and need help looking for one, let us at North Beach Realty assist you. We hope that we can help your family look for your dream vacation home today!