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Plant a Garden this Summer in your New Backyard

Did you and your family just purchase a new home in the North Myrtle Beach area and are looking to grow fresh fruits and vegetables? We at North Beach Realty can assist you in helping you find which vegetables or fruits may work well in your garden. We understand that owning a new home can be a little daunting at times, but planting a garden in your backyard can give you and your family something to do together.

What Do You Want to Plant?

Plant a Garden this Summer in your New Backyard

When it comes to planting a new garden, it may be a little challenging to figure out what to plant. For many locals, you may find them growing things in their backyard like tomatoes, cucumbers, watermelons, zucchini, squash, and green beans. But if you are looking for something a little more specific, do a little research in to see what the best for the area is. This way, you can make a quick plan on what you’d like to plant in your first garden at your home.

Pick a Spot in your Backyard

Picking a spot in your backyard is a vital task for any homeowner, whether they live in the North Myrtle Beach area or not. You will want to find a spot that gets at least 6-8 hours of full sun each day. Another thing that you can do is check out the local garden center and see what each vegetable or fruit needs as far as shade or full sunlight. Making sure that you choose the right place in your backyard will help you know what plants work best for you.

Do You Want Raised Beds or Use the Soil?

After you have picked a spot for your garden in your backyard, it will soon be time to make another decision. This time you will be deciding if you want to dig up your yard or if you want to use raised beds. If you choose to build a raised bed, then this is the easier way to go. For many new homeowners, they don’t want to dedicate a particular part of their yard just for a garden, so they choose the raised beds. The good thing about using the raised beds is it can be a lot more back-friendly for those who don’t want to bend over to tend to their garden. If you choose to use the soil, then you will be continuing to turn down to care for it, weed, and get the ground ready. No matter what decision you make, it will be an excellent garden for your family!

The final step to planting a garden in your new backyard is to plant it and water it. For many of the fruits and vegetables, you will find that late spring is the best time to plant. But we would suggest that you check each plant to make sure it is the right time. If you don’t have a backyard that you can grow a garden, now is the time to start looking. We at North Beach Realty look forward to helping you and your family find yours forever home in North Myrtle Beach!