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Decorate Your Vacation Home this Holiday Season

Decorate Your Vacation Home this Holiday Season

Have you recently purchased your North Myrtle Beach vacation home and are looking for ways to decorate it this holiday season? We at North Beach Realty want to help you with that decision this year. Getting your beach house ready for its guests or even your family for the holidays can seem overwhelming. Let’s look below at how you can liven up your holiday décor this year in your new home.

Trim the Tree

Decorate Your Vacation Home this Holiday Season

The holidays aren’t complete unless you have a Christmas tree in your home. After Thanksgiving Day is normally when families put up their trees and decorate them. This year you could have a small tree in your home and decorate it in a beach theme. For many who live at the beach or have a vacation home at the beach, they love to decorate it with flamingo’s and have a coastal feel to them. Be sure to put non-breakable ornaments on the tree and trim the tree with all the pretty colors you may find at the beach. No home or vacation home is complete this year without trimming the tree as a family!

Decorate the Outside

It’s time to haul out the holly and decorate the outside of your new vacation home. Adding festive decorations to your home can make your home inviting to your friends, family and guests. Grab some fresh garland, lights and a beautiful wreath to decorate the front porch of your vacation rental. Add a few lanterns with some unbreakable ornaments and add that perfect bow to the top of each one. Place a new festive welcome mat by the front door and hang that wreath on the door. Your family and guests will definitely be inviting for anyone who visits your vacation home.

It Feels Like Home

Decorate Your Vacation Home this Holiday Season

The holidays definitely bring out the best in us all and making your vacation home feel like your guests’ home too. Add some holiday décor throughout your home such as garland along the railings of the staircase and on the mantle. Breakout the holiday dishes and have a nice table runner or cloth on the dining room table. To also make your home more inviting, you could leave some holiday candy, chocolate candy or candy canes in a glass jar or bowl for your guests to enjoy.

There are many other ways that you can get your new vacation home ready for your guests, but these are just a few we thought you’d like. If you are still in the market for a new home or vacation home, allow one of our agents at North Beach Realty help you out. We hope that you and your family enjoy your North Myrtle Beach vacation home this holiday season!

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