Now is the Time to Purchase Your Vacation Home in North Myrtle Beach

Have you and your family thought of purchasing a vacation home in the North Myrtle Beach area? If you have, then now is the time to get started with your search. We understand that finding the perfect home to become your vacation home is just the beginning and is so hard to choose. Our North Beach Realty Agents are ready to help you and your family find the right vacation home in the area to help allow you to sit back and relax.

What Kind of Vacation Home Do You Want?

This is often the hardest question for many families to answer because they all would like to have something different. For some, it may seem like having a condo within a resort is the way to go while others may want a standalone vacation home. The choices are unlimited when you are looking in North Myrtle Beach. Another part of this decision and question is how many will be vacationing with you each year. Knowing this will also help you in deciding you should go with a condo or vacation home!

Amenities of a Condo

For many families, they are often looking into what amenities come with a condo vacation home. This can, in return, help them decide if a condo will work for you and your family. Some of the amenities that will possibly come with your condo will vary depending on where you choose to purchase. If you decide to purchase your vacation home within a resort here is what you could have as some of the amenities:

  • Pool (Indoor or Outdoor)
  • Washer/Dryer in Unit
  • Trash Pickup
  • Fully Furnished Condo
  • Exercise Room

Another thing you may have to think about is when you purchase a condo vacation home, you will have an allowance of how many weeks you will have access to the condo. While some condos will allow you full access to it year-round, you may find that some of them will not. That is a big decision, but if you are a family who can’t sneak away anytime you choose, then maybe this is the best option for you!

Amenities of a Vacation Home

When you purchase a vacation home, you are buying a second home. This could be your home to live in a part-time of the year if you say live in colder states. It could also be used as a vacation rental that will allow you to allow other families into the home and let them have their dream vacation. Some of the amenities that you may find with your new vacation home are:

  • Pool
  • Access to the Beach
  • Oceanfront or Oceanview
  • More massive yard for family play
  • Full Kitchen and open layout of home
  • Backyard for your pets
  • Larger home for your family
  • Garage or storage

There are so many different options for your family when you purchase a vacation home in the area.

While there are many other options and reasons as to why you need to purchase your vacation home now, these are just a few reasons we wanted to share with you. If you’d like your vacation home to be in a neighborhood or oceanfront, we can help you find it! No matter how far-fetched your dream vacation home may be, our Agents at North Beach Realty are here to help you in your search!

Should You Buy a Vacation Home in North Myrtle Beach?

Should You Buy a Vacation Home in North Myrtle Beach?

Spring Break and summer vacations will be coming soon, it’s time to think about if you should buy a vacation home. North Myrtle Beach is a great option to purchase your first vacation home because there is so much to enjoy and do as a family. We at North Beach Realty understand that making this decision can be a little difficult, we wanted to help you in deciding if now is the right time. Let’s look below at a few questions and answers that might help make that decision a little easier.


Should You Buy a Vacation Home in North Myrtle Beach?

One of the main questions that many ask is whether you can afford a vacation home or not. This would most likely be your second home and there are plenty of lenders who will want to assist you. We at North Beach Realty can assist you in finding the right lender to be able to purchase your beach vacation home in the area. Once you find one that you like we will help get the ball rolling on getting everything in place for you.

Does if Fit in Your Lifestyle?

For many buyers who are looking to get a second home or beach vacation home, they will often think ahead and wonder if it will be a good investment. If you take a look at the past vacations you have taken, how many times did you stay in a hotel or a vacation rental? If you can see that getting your own beach vacation home will be worth it, then it will most likely fit into your lifestyle. If your children are young, then maybe this is the way to go because think of all the vacation and memories you can make. And once the kids are grown and married with children, this is still the same place they will want to take their family too.

Will You Use It Often or Rent It Out?

Should You Buy a Vacation Home in North Myrtle Beach?

Another good question that you might want to consider is if you will use it often or will you rent it out. If you have a certain week or weeks that you love to go on vacation, then why not rent out the property for the rest of the time. This is a great way to be able to earn some extra money and help pay for the monthly mortgage too. Allowing other families to enjoy your vacation home just as much as you do, is what many buyers love to do. If you are still on the fence, then sit down and talk about it with each other. Or you can allow one of our agents to help you with this big decision too.

While there are many other things to look into to see if purchasing a new vacation home in North Myrtle Beach is the way to go, these are the ones we wanted to share with you. If you are ready to get the ball rolling and start looking for the perfect beach vacation home, then give us a call today. We hope that you and your family will be able to enjoy a lifetime of memories being made in your new beach home in North Myrtle Beach this summer!

Reasons Why You Should Look for Your Vacation Home this Fall

Reasons Why You Should Look for Your Vacation Home this Fall

Do you and your family love to visit North Myrtle Beach during the fall, but you’d love to have a place of your own? Fall is a great time of the year to start house hunting for your new vacation home. Finding the perfect home that will meet your family’s needs is one of the top reasons that we at North Beach Realty focuses on. Let’s look below at what the reasons are of why you should look for your vacation home this fall on the Grand Strand.


Reasons Why You Should Look for Your Vacation Home this Fall

Did you know that during the fall months the market is better for anyone who is looking to purchase a vacation home? The reason that it is a better market is because during the warmer months there is more competition out there. The cooler months many of the sellers are looking to find the best buyer for their home and you as the homebuyer will have a better chance of getting the home without being outbid. This in return will mean you will be about to find the perfect vacation home in the area for a great deal.

Decorating Your Home

Another great reason as of why you should look for your vacation home this fall is the sales. We understand that furnishing a vacation home ca be a little pricey especially if you purchase it for its full price. But the good news is during the fall months a lot of home furnishings and other stores put their “summer” items on sale. What a better way to furnish your new home than with the items you were eying during the summer but for half the price. This can not only help you get some really nice things but can help you stay on budget too!

Weather is Perfect

Reasons Why You Should Look for Your Vacation Home this Fall

Buying a home whether it’s a vacation home or your permanent home, looking at homes when the weather is nicer is a plus. Who wants to be hunting for homes during the dead heat of the summer when you could be searching for homes during the fall? Even though it can still be a little warm in the North Myrtle Beach area during the fall months, the humidity has lowered some. This can make not only searching for the home a little easier but can also make moving into one feel even better. We promise you that you won’t want to leave your vacation home to go back to real life after you experience the fall weather here.

While there are many other reasons as of why you should look for your vacation home this fall in North Myrtle beach, we thought you’d like these instead. If you still haven’t found your next vacation home and need help looking for one, let us at North Beach Realty assist you. We hope that we can help your family look for your dream vacation home today!

4 Things to Think About When Purchasing Your First Vacation Home

4 Things to Think About When Purchasing Your First Vacation Home

Summer is coming to an end, but that doesn’t mean that your vacations to the North Myrtle Beach has to either. Buying a vacation home is not only a great investment but is a wonderful purchase for larger families. North Beach Realty can help you and your family find the perfect rental property in the area. With the housing market these days you will be able to see the low property taxes, wonderful climate year-round and a steady supply of renters. Let’s look at what 4 things you need to think about when purchasing your first vacation property.   

Do Your Research

4 Things to Think About When Purchasing Your First Vacation Home

Before you even think about purchasing your very first vacation home, you must do some research. This is a very important key factor when it comes to buying a vacation home or a new home for anyone. Research to see which areas the best for families are, look into what kind of budget you have and see where many families are looking to vacation in. This can be a key component when starting the process of finding the perfect vacation home for your family and many more. If you are still in need of assistance just give us a call and we can help you out!

What Location is the Best?

Deciding on where you’d like to purchase your first vacation home is a key element. Just like buying a home in your home state, buying a vacation home in the right area is going to help you. Of course, finding a home that is located either on the beach or close by will be the ticket for you. You will find that purchasing a home closer to the water is what will help you be able to market your vacation home to potential renters. This will also help generate a better revenue and if you ever need to sell the vacation home, the resale is better. But finding a home in a certain location for the perfect price is what we want for you too.

Size of the Vacation Home

4 Things to Think About When Purchasing Your First Vacation Home

Another key factor for searching for the perfect vacation home is going to be the size of it. Sometimes you may find that purchasing a larger home will not only cost more money but can be a little hard to handle too. We know that when you go on vacation the last thing you want to do is clean a big home, so maybe look for a smaller home. Many vacation home owners do start out with a smaller home and then they work their way up from there. And since this would be your very first investment property, we know that you will want to keep the cost as low as possible. This way you won’t have to worry about if you can afford it or not.

Work with Our Agents You Can Trust

During this process of purchasing a home and even renting it, it is important to work with a professional team that you can trust. We at North Beach Realty have quality agents that are here to help you through this process from the beginning to the end. We like to make sure that you are comfortable with the home and with the price long before you sign on the dotted lines. We hope that you will allow us to help you throughout this process for getting your very own beach vacation home.

There may be other things that will help you in making a decision on purchasing your first vacation home, but these are the few we thought you’d like. If you need any help making the big decision or you are ready to purchase your North Myrtle Beach vacation home, give us a call today. We at North Beach Realty look forward to helping your family with one of the best decisions you can!

Naming Your Vacation Rental and Why It’s Important

Naming Your Vacation Rental and Why It's Important

Have you recently purchased a new beach home but it didn’t come with a name? Or did it come with a name but you don’t care for it and want a new one? We at North Beach Realty can tell you that having a name for your vacation rental is a must. Below are just a few of the reasons that naming your home is so important. 

Create a Brand for your Beach Vacation Home

A name is a way to establish an identity for your vacation home. It’s a way to build up a brand and help generate word of mouth marketing for you. A name is another way for guests to help remember your rental. We can guarantee you that when someone who stays in a vacation home a year from now is not going to remember a house number. They will instead remember the name of your home such as “Endless Summers” because when you vacation in Myrtle Beach it feels like the summers will never end.  It helps you in the long run with keeping the home booked for years to come. 

It’s your Vacation Homes Face to the World

Naming Your Vacation Rental and Why It's Important

Another good reason in naming your house is it gives your home and identity to the world. Your homes name is a way to attract new guests and help retain former ones. But be sure not to make it too long because let’s face it, who wants to remember a name that is way too long? You don’t want to make it something generic like 4-Bedroom House on the Blvd. Make it something that people can remember like “Shabby Chic by the Sea” or “Gone Coastal”.

It Tells a Story & Gives Guest Something to Remember

Whether your beach house is a personal vacation home or a vacation rental, give it a name that will tell a story. A story that you wouldn’t mind sharing in a welcome book that gives your guests more insight in the name of your home. It also is a good way to help give a lasting impression with your guests for making it more memorable knowing how you came up with the name. Also, if you are wanting those guests to return, this will help them want to come again. It also sets your house apart from the others. You house reflects who you are as a person whether it’s the style of the home, how you decorate it and even how you name it. 

How to Find the Best Name for Your Beach Home

When you are trying to come up with a name for your beach house, consider the brand you want to represent to your guests. Sometimes trying to find something that means the most to you and your family works best on the name of your home. Come up with something witty or really something you can see yourself never wanting to change. Make it a name that will be remembered for years to come by all your guests and their friends. 

North Beach Realty in North Myrtle Beach, SC can help make your home ownership dreams come true! Whether it’s for relocation, retirement, personal vacation, year-round or as an investment, allow us to help find your dream home. We look forward to working with you and helping your beach home become a reality!